The services provided

The set of diagnostic services provided by Santa Maria del Pozzo Nursing Home  is divided into the following specialized activities:

  • Diagnostic Imaging (Open MRI, multiscale spiral CT, Mammography, panoramic radiograph, teleradiography skull Echocolordoppler, ultrasound, digital radiology and traditional)
  • Clinical Analysis Laboratory (Laboratory of General Medicine, Clinical Chemistry, Microbiology and immune enzymatic processes, hematology and coagulation)
  • Neurophysiology (Electroencephalography, Electromyography, Evoked Potentials)

Medical staff

The following medical staff operates at the  Diagnostic Imaging Center

  • A neuroradiologist (Dr. Claudio Girardi Radiology Director)
  • Three Radiologists
  • A medical sonographer
  • An anesthesiologist
  • Six Medical Radiology Technicians

Clinical Analysis Laboratory are engaged in:

  • Three Biologists Specialists (one of them, Dr. M. Tremolaterra, Specialist in Microbiology, is the Head of Laboratory)
  • A specialist Doctor
  • A Laboratory Technician


  • A Neurologist
  • A neuropsychiatrist
  • A Technical Neurophysiology

How to access the performance

You can access to radiology services in agreement with the National Health System, after the prescription by general medicine doctor or specialist within 30 days time. 
The access is allowed to user with a doctor's prescription

For performance as RM ,TAC, ecography and Echocolordoppler it is needed a reservation to the following numbers:
RM: 081 5310362,
TAC , ecography and Echocolordoppler: 081 5310514, 0815310511,
There is no need to reserve  for other activities of radiology.
All radiology services may be provided, , every weekday from 8.30 to 18.30 except on Saturday (8.30 to 12.30).
Reports are handed over every weekday at the reception desk from 8.30 to 19.00.
The reports are released after 72 hours excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
It is possible to access to clinical analysis laboratory  through a special agreement with the National Health System, after the doctor's prescription within  30 days time 

The reservation  is not usually necessary, but for any further information please call 081 5310502.
The performances are payable in the morning of every weekday, including Saturday.

For neurophysiopathology performance please call number 081 5310502.
You can find more information about diagnostic services on:
Services Guide and Guide to Diagnostic Imaging Services Clinical Analysis Laboratory.