About Us

Santa Maria del Pozzo Nursing home is a privatly held,  highly specialized Neurorehabilitation Health Agency for hospitalization and care founded at the end of 1980s by Prof. Salvatore Terracciano, emeritus chief of neurosurgery and pioneer of modern Neapolitan neurosurgery developed from his previous experiences in Sweden at Professor Olivecrona’s school.
He felt, in fact, the need to create a health system capable of fulfilling the seamless, taking care of the patient recovering from an acute phase of neuro- system diseases with a proper and customized rehabilitation process.

The structure, built on an area of 20,000 square metres with a huge parking space, is made of about 10,000 air conditioned square meters on four floors .It has always operated relaying on excellence criteria by focusing in particular on:

  •  Highly specialized caretaking and collaborative relationships between nursing home and user, a profile oriented to the complete satisfaction of individual needs and patient’s welfare.
  • Developing the professional and human qualities of the staff.
  • Investing in  constantly updated and checked for quality functional structures and advanced technologies.

The Clinic consists of complex structures for diagnosis and treatment:

1.Multi-specialized rehabilitation complex

  • 1a. Hospital Activities Rehabilitation Department for the patients recovering from acute phases. In this department highly specialized activities are carried out, but also Intensive Neurorehabilitation Pluri-specialistic Rehabilitation (Orthopedic, Geriatric, Cardiology, Pulmonology, etc..);
  • 1b. Non Hospital Activities Rehabilitation Department specialized in providing effective treatments Physiokinesitherapy, Hydrokinesitherapy, speech terapy,  Occupational Therapy and Psychotherapy for outpatients in  home care, diurnal cycle (seminterned), loop (internal) regimes.

2. Diagnostic Services Unit articulated in

  • 2a.Diagnostic Imaging (Open MRI, multislice spiral CT, Mammography, panoramic radiography, teleradiography skull Echocolordoppler, general ultrasound, digital and traditional radiology),
  • 2b. Clinical Analysis Laboratory (basic general, clinical chemistry, microbiology and immunoenzymic, hematology and coagulation)
  • 2c. Neurophysiopathology (electroencephalography, electromyography, evoked potentials).

S. Maria del Pozzo nursing home operates with a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified quality system and has all the general and specific requirements defined by the Regione Campania for the institutional accreditation of all their activities, but also a library and a conference hall for cultural activities and for the continuous updating.

Prof. Lorenzo Renzulli is Medical Director of the Nursing Home

Other general information related to the S. Maria del Pozzo are available on the Service Chart.

The Clinic is equipped with emergency room available to inpatiens.