Santa Maria del Pozzo

A modern Nursing Home (10,000 covered square meters ) rises in Somma Vesuviana at S. Maria del Pozzo. It consists of a four floors structure, with 170 beds, 100 of which are accredited with the National Health Service for hospital treatment of post-acute neurorehabilitation - High Specialty.

The clinic is furnished with the most modern equipment in hospitals, rehabilitation, diagnostic services.

One of the most outstanding points is the treatment of disabilities lead by multidisciplinary equipes who are able to cure either adults with neurological disorders in post-acute phase, or infants, children and adolescents in outpatient care for all neurological and psychiatric disorders, congenital or acquired (childbirth trauma, results of cranial and spinal trauma, meningitis, delayed psychomotor development, behavior disorders, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, eating disorders, brain tumors, etc.)

We use  the most advanced and cutting edge techniques like the Pet Therapy, Underwater neuro-psycho motor activities, music therapy, for best results.

The overall organization of S. Maria del Pozzo Nursing Home is built on four areas:
health, administration, teaching and research, each pursuing its specific quality processes.

The active management in these areas are governed by the Board of Directors and the Executives and work with the following functions:

- Standardize the activities
- Promote synergies in terms of professional and financial resources among the health activities and those of other areas

Centralino: +39 081 5310111 (sel. passante) - attivo 24 h
Fax: +39 081 5317803
Via Pomigliano, 40 - 80049 - Somma Vesuviana
NAPOLI - Italy